Software As A Service

Our secure cloud-hosted services can be delivered anywhere and can expand or contract as your needs change. We analyse, design, build, implement and deliver the solutions that you need with an easy-to-understand subscription model.

Tailored For You

We have a toolkit of software solutions, but we understand everyone and every company is unique. We work closely with you to understand your needs so that the service you receive is the service you need.

Pay For What You Use

Pay for what you use, not what you don't. Our business model means you pay for the service you consume, not the capacity you don’t use. When you are ready to grow, we scale with you.


Our customisable solutions and workflows will change the way you work forever.


Smart Processes

  • Transforms clunky paper and ‘dumb’ forms to smart processes harnessing big data capability
  • Delivers efficient business processes that meet client expectations for today’s business world
  • Anywhere/anytime access for a complete digital solution

Workforce Management

  • Automatic staff rostering based on qualifications/needs matrices
  • Automates award management and time sheet activities to ensure compliance
  • Efficient staff management lowers labour costs, empowering a mobile workforce

Accounts Payable Processing

  • Provides faster end to end processing of invoices to help speed up payments
  • Manages invoice approval workflows that provides transparency on administration
  • Removes non-value add manual processes

Who We Are

Digital Reign is a team of dedicated professionals with long standing industry experience in management, solution architecture, business analysis, change management, support, service and project management.
Our team designs, develops, delivers and supports our innovative software and solutions. Our years of experience has been at the cutting edge of digitalisation - we have people who have ‘been there, done that’ so that we know we can deliver on our promises.
We understand your industry and your needs – whether you run a chain of property management offices with multilayered requirements or you just need to improve one component of your technology stack, we can provide the right service that will do what you need done.
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