Invoice Management AIM

Automated Invoice Management

Industry-focussed, flexible and powerful solution

Digital Reign’s Automated Invoice Management (AIM) service replaces costly manual data entry with efficient automated invoice processing.

Our efficient capture and data extraction service was built specifically for the real estate and property industry:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Strata
  • Property management.


We take the invoice headache away. AIM works out of the box with your existing systems – there’s no complicated training or frustrating interruption to your usual work.

With AIM, you enjoy:

  • Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • reduced administration costs
  • improved data accuracy
  • improved visibility to the payment cycle
  • increased analysis and forecasting accuracy.

“Better service for landlords and lot owners – you’re free to concentrate on your business and growing your rent roll”

Streamlined, Accurate, Efficient

Immediate Visibility

Give your business fast access to incoming invoice data.
We capture, read and validate invoices against your property data for OC / Body Corporate / Strata number or property address. Invoices can quickly be seen by your business users in a user-friendly web dashboard.

Greater Control

Optimise your electronic approval process with early capture and classification of invoices by supplier. Invoices can automatically be routed to property managers, owners and body corporate committees - anyone who needs to approve.
You always know the story of your invoice with full audit trail and compliance.

Higher Efficiency

AIM manages all types and volumes of invoice whether barcoded, one-off or recurrent.
Configurable business rules allow for even the most complex invoices and utility bills to be automatically processed. Only invoices with errors, discrepancies or violations of business rules are brought to your attention.

Low Risk

AIM is deployed as software as a service in a commercial model that allows you to pay for what you use - we scale with your business.
AIM seamlessly integrates with your existing finance and property/business management systems. Simple and easy for your staff, your suppliers and your customers.

Imagine the possibilities...

  • Capture all invoices from any source
  • Quickly process invoices from new suppliers
  • Efficiently match invoice data against Work/Purchase orders for Straight-Through Processing
  • Extract key data from all supplier invoices including utility, trades and OC

AIM Explained

Invoice Management Service

Digital Reign’s AIM is hosted on Microsoft’s renowned Azure platform:

  • Secure and reliable service
  • Business continuity assured – multiple Australian instances.

AIM delivers consistent and efficient service for single or multiple office environments – consolidated or standalone.

The Software as a Service delivery model ensures you only pay for what you use. AIM can be rapidly scaled as your business grows without capital investment or interuption to your exisiting business.

Invoice Ingestion

AIM provides your business a dedicated email address for receiving invoices in multiple formats:

  • PDF
  • MS office
  • Image
  • Accounting software – MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Invoices2go
  • Handwritten and carbon copy

AIM then captures, analyses and uses machine learning to process them in a standard workflow.

Data Extraction

AIM is fully configurable to cater for your data requirements.

Header, footer and line item data is extracted to meet your strata and property management requirements – easily extendable to include custom data fields.


Extracted data is automatically validated using:

  • Master databases
  • Australian business conventions (e.g. GST, ABN)
  • Arithmetic calculations
  • Your business rules.

Invoice Classification

AIM uses Robotic Process Automation to classify invoices:

  • Tax Invoices
  • Adjustment Notes
  • Statements/Notices
  • Reminders


Additional classification is applied according to supplier and specific key words.


Invoice Approval Workflow

A managed and audited approval process that can be customised to your business needs:

  • Financial approval levels/delegations
  • Supplier specific
  • Property specific
  • Supplier and property combinations
  • Internal/external approvers


Straight-Through Processing (STP) means you only manage the exceptions and are not swamped by the routine.

Portal Access

At the heart of AIM’s approval engine is an easy to use web based portal that can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Role based 24/7 access
  • All major browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox etc)
  • Full audit trail
  • Bulk handling of invoices
  • Exceptions are clearly identified
  • Integration to property management systems


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