Software Merging to ADLForms

List of software packages that support the ADLForms merge.


AgentSafe™ minimises the cost risk to real estate offices, in relation to the management & handling of health & safety matters on properties. It makes it easier for agents to comply with Work, Health & Safety, while providing the appropriate resources needed to efficiently, & correctly manage safety & security requirements across the agencies’ property portfolio.

Aro Software

Aro Software combines sales, administration & business management systems into one real estate sales software program which you can change to suit your needs.

Basix: Platform Housing

Basix is a Fully integrated software solution – Property & Tenancy, Finance & Accounting, Asset & Works, Payroll & HR, Projects & Construction. Customisable as per individual business requirements, including general Real Estate.

Complete Data

Complete Data is the teacher of success. The peak performers in the real estate industry use Complete Data for their management software.

Console Gateway Live

Gateway Live is a fully integrated real estate software solution, combining property management, sales management, trust accounting and customer relationship management software.

GeeDee Software

GeeDee specialise in providing secure, reliable and easy to use software systems for the Real Estate Industry.

Hirum Software

Hirum specialise in Trust Accounting and Strata Title solutions, Reservations, Guest Accounts, Reporting and Channel Management software for the Accommodation Industry.


InspectRealEstate (IRE) is a customised, agent-branded, real estate software that helps agents by automating time-consuming processes including inspection bookings, tenant & buyer communications, inspection schedules, applications, form filling & much more. Solutions include RegisterOnline, AppTracker, Key Tracker, IRE BDM & LeaseTracker (incorporating ADLForms).


Property360 is a comprehensive trust accounting platform designed for the Property Management Rights Business. Manage your entire townhouse complex, apartment or student accommodation with a click of a button.

Realoz Office / Realoz RPM / Realoz CPM

Realoz is a Full Sales & Property Management modules for Real Estate.

Realtor Trust Manager

Full Sales & Property Management modules for Real Estate.

REI Master

REI Master allows you to take control of your Property Management business like never before.


Re-Leased makes property management easier, more connected and more mobile. It’s a cloud-based solution designed for successful property managers.

REST Professional

REST Professional is the answer to all your Property Management and Sales Trust Accounting needs.


Rex Software creates software driven solutions for the real estate service and broader property sector. Rex’s powerful and feature-rich CRM covers everything from prospecting, marketing and sales to portal leads, financials and agent commissions – all with a truly simple and intuitive interface.

RP Data Professional

RP Data Professional is the leading property data solution used by property professionals in Australia. Prepare reports, generate value estimates, verify information and conduct highly targeted marketing.

RP Office

RP Office makes office management easier and faster so you can focus on more productive activities and generate new cash flows.

SDM Housing Software

SDM are the number one housing association software in the UK is now available in Australia.

Sherlock Software

Sherlock Software provide integrated business solutions to deliver excellence within sales and property management teams for trust accounting, CRM Sales management, document archive technology, online holiday booking software, word press web design and portal uploads.


SnapTransact is an online portal where your potential Buyers can make offers on your listings at the click of a button. This patented technology has been helping real estate agents negotiate sales for over 8 years and found to be the best way to bring buyers and sellers together in a non-threating environment.