The Way You Complete Inspection Reports is About to Change Forever!

ADLInspect is an extension to ADLForms and allows you to easily complete our Entry, Exit and Routine Condition Report’s on site using your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Android Tablet. With features including the ability to start new reports with previous comments and photo capture capability you can produce more accurate and descriptive condition reports while saving your property managers’ time.


The format and design of Entry and Exit condition reports is prescribed in Government legislation for most States to maintain a standardised approach within the industry. ADL conforms to these industry standards and ensures that our clients are always using the correct format for their State.


Our routine inspection reports are provided in both brief and detailed formats allowing our clients to choose their preferred method of reporting. These formats have evolved over time, with the help of client feedback and opinion from industry leaders, resulting in streamlined, efficient inspection reports across all States.

Trusted Inspection Forms for the Real Estate Industry
Routine, Entry & Exit Reports in One Application

Streamlined Inspections

Intuitive user interface that streamlines the creation of Routine, Entry and Exit Inspection reports.


Reports can easily be customised by adding/removing rooms and items to match a property’s inclusions (Note: On Entry and Exit inspections legislated requirements cannot be deleted).

Flexible Report Generation

Reports can be finalised and emailed directly from your mobile device or saved back to the Portal for completion later in the office.

Search Functionality

Inspections can easily be located by searching on property addresses and inspection dates/times.

On-Line & Off-Line Modes

Inspection reports can still be captured where no internet connections are available and will automatically sync back to the Portal when WiFi and/or mobile data connectivity becomes available.

Simple Report Retrieval

Previous reports can easily be retrieved and downloaded for historical reference and reuse.

Alerts & Triggers

Notifications and alerts for upcoming and expired inspections and automatic entry notice generation and emailing on creation of Routine Inspections.

Customisable Cover Page

Add your own fully customised cover page to inspection reports for agency branding and professionalism

Easy Photo Retrieval

Agents, clients and tenants will be able to retrieve full sized copies of attached photos at the click of a button, from within an inspection report.

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