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ADLForms is part of the solution set from Digital Reign. ADLForms has been providing Legal Contracts and Forms to the Real Estate industry in Australia since 2001.


Currently we provide ADLForms to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria & Western Australia. We also provide ADLInspect to All States (not including the ACT and NT)


All ADL Forms, Agreements and Contracts are legally compliant and enforceable documents prepared by our qualified staff in consultation with our legal and professional advisors to ensure compliance with all relevant legislative requirements.


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Trusted Forms for the Real Estate Industry
Simple, Streamlined, Compliant

Cloud Based

Secure access to forms from anywhere at any time and using any device.

Online Collaboration

Invite clients and tenants to review/edit and sign forms in the online portal using their computer/mobile device. They will even be able to invite their solicitor to review/edit a form on their behalf.

Two-way Merge

Merge data from your Real Estate Management applications…. and have data and documents flow back to it.

Automated Emailing

Email forms and/or links to forms directly to your clients and tenants…… even multiple forms (e.g. Multiple Entry Notices) with just the click of a button.

Electronic Signing

Allow clients and tenants to electronically sign contracts, agreements, acknowledgements and disclosures from within the secure ADLForms Portal.

Attach Documents

Attach annexures, addendums and/or other forms or documents to any form.

Dynamic Forms & Templates

Adaptive forms with built-in business rules to ensure consistency and compliance. Flexibility for users to create and share their own form templates.

Personalised Portal

Personalised workspace for Agents to see their in progress, recently completed and/or regularly accessed forms.

Transaction Audit Trail

Complete audit log of all transactions in the system recording all activity and providing legal traceability.

Process & Data Analytics

Get insight into how many forms are being completed, by whom and how long processes are taking.

Face-to-Face Collaboration

Still transact with clients and tenants face to face…. complete the contract/agreement with the client on your mobile device and hand it to them for review and e-signing.

Video Collaboration

Where time or location is an issue, simply invite your client to collaborate via a video session and help them complete and sign a contract/agreement no matter where in the world they are.

Alerts & Triggers

Notification of outstanding collaboration processes and automatic email notification to all related parties in respect of completed collaboration transactions.


Powerful search allowing Agents to instantly locate completed or in-progress forms by searching on titles and/or contents within a form.

Security & Reliability

SOC2 compliant service with high availability failover across 2 Australian AWS environments.

Multiple Companies

Ability to setup and manage multiple companies under the one license with a comprehensive set of roles and permissions.

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